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About Foundry

Wood siding has always been about looks. Vinyl siding has always been about durability. Foundry brings the best of both together with our specialty shake and shingle siding. Our best-in-class specialty vinyl siding products and curated color collection provide the authentic beauty of natural wood and stone without the ongoing maintenance or deterioration. Foundry goes up easy and factory colors stay rich and brilliant for decades.

But our commitment goes beyond just product features. We believe that our partners’ success is our success. That’s why you can count on Foundry for:

  • Reliable, responsive customer service
  • Durable, well-engineered residential and commercial products
  • Exceptional order accuracy and customer support
  • Greater than 99% on-time delivery
  • Industry-leading innovation

Foundry products are designed with contractors and homeowners in mind. Through siding that’s easy to install and easy to live with, we put our partners—and your customers—first.