In ‘Wood’ Country, Vinyl Shake Siding Luxuriously Exceeds Expectations

In ‘Wood’ Country, Vinyl Shake Siding Luxuriously Exceeds Expectations

At Paradigm Construction, a leading custom builder in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, quality drives every building decision. That’s apparent in the company’s new Pine Tree Village community of attached and detached homes, remarkable for its impressive yet affordable level of design detail. Arched stone veneer entranceways, alder wood entry doors, a variety of window designs as well as cedar trusses and corbels are all part of the vibrant exterior mix. “We build entry-level homes of very high quality like Pine Tree Village. We also primarily focus on building high-end homes from $500,000 to $2,500,000. All of our homes are built to last and require as little maintenance as possible,” says Matt Knickrehm, co-owner of Paradigm Construction along with Jim Larkin. “Pine Tree Village really set us apart from the competition. If you look at the exterior and interior finishes, there’s nothing comparable to it, especially in this current price point of  $130,000 to around $160,000. It’s been very successful for us,” Knickrehm says.

The homes range in size from 1,200 to 1,500 sq. ft., offering two or three bedrooms   and   one   or   two-car  garages. An infill development on old
farm property, the community is near downtown Boise and centrally-located to various commercial and lifestyle destinations. One unique factor of Pine Tree Village’s standout curb appeal is the vinyl cedar siding used on the homes. The Foundry’s® premium Weathered Split Shake siding is used throughout various elevations to create captivating accents. “We needed the homes to meet the price point, look great in the long run and also have low maintenance. We tried to find textured vinyl siding that looked good, but the pickings were really slim,” Knickrehm recalls. “We were introduced to Foundry Shake siding and it was the only one with striations that looked authentic in the shake profile,” he says. “Right off the bat, these homes are very striking. They don’t look anything like a typical vinyl-sided home,” agrees Clay Boyce, Supply Center Manager with Alside in Meridian, Idaho, which supplied the Foundry siding. The scenic appeal includes rich shades from the Foundry such as Rustic Brown, Colonial Grey and Vintage Green. “That’s one of the great things with Foundry siding – they’ve got these darker colors. With this project there are a lot of deeper colors like dark reds and browns, and the contrasting accent with the variegated shakes is really nice,” Boyce says. “Aside from The Foundry, no one else has this great weathered look and quality. I’ve had instances where I’ve picked up a sale just because I have this variegated shake panel. Other variegated shake doesn’t have warranty protection, or has a finish that just doesn’t look right.

“The Foundry’s shadow lines are really nice. It’s a fantastic product and it holds up well,” Boyce adds. “You don’t have any oil-canning issues and there’s no walks in the siding.”

Paradigm was initially surprised at the huge popularity of Pine Tree Village with first-time buyers, especially females drawn to the homes’ high quality. “Other area builders have turned to vinyl siding solely for its affordability, not because of quality at all. But with our homes, the Foundry’s vinyl siding gives you that freedom from maintenance and it really contributes to an amazing look that attracts buyers,” Knickrehm says.

With the 220+ units  in the  development, Knickrehm says Paradigm is doing the initial maintenance, later turning it over to the homeowners
association. “If you were to side all those homes and have to paint, it would be a disaster. It’s also important not to leave the HOA hanging with a huge repainting task. The homeowners love the low maintenance.”

Inside, the homes feature real hardwood floors, ceramic tile, 5/4” granite slabs, alder finishes, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry – “the same items we use on our million-dollar homes,” Knickrehm points out. “No matter what we’re building, he says, “we mix materials on the outside.  We’ve done the exact same thing with vinyl, which allows us to extend our strategy. You get that relief on the façade which is really important. Most of the realtors come up and they can’t even believe the shake is vinyl until they touch it – it looks that good. That’s also a common reaction with buyers. They can’t tell until they’re right up there touching it.”

In addition to the aesthetic quality, Boyce also highlights factors of easy installation and the limited lifetime warranty protection of The Foundry. “With the single-course lap, it’s very efficient. Other shake panels are double-course, so your waste is a lot more – double what it would be with Foundry siding.”

Every  home at Pine Tree Village has Foundry siding on it, including various detached single-family homes. With its focus on texture and top-notch looks, Paradigm had consulted with an exterior designer and carefully considered product choices and palettes. For the  several color schemes available, Paradigm has now increased its selection to nearly a dozen colors of Foundry Shake siding among exterior choices. Knickrehm remembers the period before finally getting the go-ahead from the City of Boise on Pine Tree Village; the building department had been hesitant on vinyl siding just because of previous experience with vinyl. “We  submitted all the exterior elevations and colors, and in the end they were just amazed when they came out and saw the homes. They brought out all the inspectors to show them as an example for future projects, just how good vinyl siding can look.”

With amenities like a fitness center, dog park and walking paths to complement the homes’ dynamic, inviting designs, the development fosters a warm neighborhood feel. “We’re proud that in this price point, there is nothing out there that can even come close. Our goal is always quality,” Knickrehm emphasizes. “And at Pine Tree Village, that’s what homeowners always tell us about – they love the high quality that goes into these homes.”