Grayne Engineered Composite Shingle does not require caulking or sealants. It is safe to use a variety of caulks and sealants in conjunction with Grayne products if desired. However, you will still need to properly flash and wrap the house per code requirements.
Grayne has created a panelized system consisting of 72 unique woodgrains on eight different panel configurations.
The product is manufactured in the Boral Building Products Franklin Facility near Cincinnati, Ohio.
Grayne has a 50/5 year limited warranty, 50 years of manufacturing defects and 5 years on labor.
Grayne is also available in a paintable version to accommodate custom colors.
Each profile was designed to mimic natural cedar. Each profile has a unique color palette and exposure to deliver the authentic cedar look.
Same as wood. Grayne also offers cellular PVC trim, including j-channel, mount blocks and more, as an easy-to-use, low maintenance accessory package.
Grayne achieves a class 1A Fire Rating (passes Flame Spread and Smoke).
No. Grayne’s cavity back design allows for airflow behind the panel, saving time and money vs. installing on wooden laths.
The cavity back design was designed to absorb blunt force impacts. The panelized board can deflect and absorb the energy from an impact such as a baseball, golf ball, rock, hail, etc.
It is certified by Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance. This means it exceeds 170MPH wind load.
Grayne has a 3/4" projection from the wall. If butted to trim we recommend using a true 1" board, but 3/4" can be used as well.
Grayne is a multi-layer rigid PVC composite, designed for rigidity, low thermal-expansion, impact resistance, and long term color protection.
5" white cedar and 7-1/2" red cedar, each profile has the correct color palette and shingle exposure.
Grayne is a natural cedar replacement and is a perfect accent for fiber cement, engineered wood, stucco, or natural cedar.
Grayne is a natural cedar replacement. It’s prefinished, instantly delivers the look of aged cedar, and is not susceptible to moisture absorption.