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Foundry Offers a Range of Opportunities for Multifamily Projects


The appeal of Foundry Specialty Siding—the warm, rich look of cedar without the maintenance concerns—makes it not only an ideal option for single-family homes, but particularly desirable for multifamily apartment and condo projects.

you’re building two-story garden apartments or a four-story mid-rise building,
here a few things to consider about selecting Foundry:

with an affordable price point, Foundry offers several inherent properties that
make it a valuable option. This includes a low scrap rate, and therefore less
waste, easy installation with fewer crew members, and no required special tools
or accessories.

• Low Maintenance:
While Foundry
offers the sought-after look of wood, apartment maintenance teams won’t have to
deal with the typical maintenance or durability issues that come with natural
siding. Foundry stays looking new with no need to paint and stain each year or
concerns about insect infestation or moisture absorption.

• Color
projects looking to move away from the typical creams and tans, Foundry comes
in a variety of standard and weathered hues, plus more than 400 color-matched
solids. This makes it easy to blend or coordinate with other siding products
and accents and also to combine siding and trim colors into eye-catching looks.

• Diversity of Looks: Even in multifamily projects with multiple buildings, renters and buyers like their homes to feel different than their neighbors. Foundry is easy to combine with other siding materials, brands, and textures to create a varied façade. For example, start the wall with Versetta Stone stone siding, then transition to Foundry for the upper floors. Another common approach is a double-4, double-5, or triple-3 vinyl siding transitioning to Foundry. For an upscale look, blend brick with Foundry above. Foundry’s own shingle and shake profiles, including its Grayne Shingle Siding line, also combine to create an enticing exterior.

• Easy
large multifamily projects with tight construction schedules, Foundry’s ease of
handling and installation can provide much-needed time and labor savings. At 5
feet, the panels can be carried and hung by one crew member, versus a
two-person approach required for typical 12-foot panels. In addition, there’s
no need to set up a two-person cutting station. A single installer can use a
tape measure and snips to cut to size on the fly. Foundry also uses the same
accessories as traditional vinyl siding, so it locks in without the need for
special transitions while working up high on multi-story projects.

• Ordering
have tremendous flexibility in ordering Foundry in small or large quantities,
so it’s ideal for any size job, depending on the façade design and desired

• Fire Rating: Foundry carries a 1A fire rating, stronger
than some other vinyl options and ideal for multifamily projects.

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