Grayne – The Natural Choice For Engineered Composite Shakes & Shingles

Can You Tell The Difference?

The real difference between Grayne Engineered Shakes & Shingles and cedar is the amount of maintenance required through the years. Grayne products replicate the beauty of real cedar but are easy to clean and maintain.

Colors Born From Nature

From dark and earthy to light and colorful, Grayne comes in a wide selection of prefinished colors to help save you time during installation. Or choose preprimed paintable products to get the exact color you want.

Stable So It Won’t Warp, Cup, Split or Curl

Plain sawn wood offers beautiful woodgrain textures that add charm and detail to wood shingles. It’s also prone to cup, warp and split when one side of the shingle gets wetter or dries faster than the other side.

Grayne Engineered Composite Shingles and Shakes are dimensionally stable. That means all your pieces will be straight, you’ll have less waste and your home exteriors will require much less maintenance through the years.

Details Mean Everything

Grayne took a multi-angle approach when designing the aesthetic details of its shingles and shakes. Even the sides and bottoms of each piece mimic the natural woodgrain texture found in real cedar.
Authentic keyways also replicate the beautiful, deep shadow lines of traditional cedar’s offset installation method.

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