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Perfection Shingle

Perfection Shingle | Sahara 048

Perfection Shingle Siding

A Bolder Take on Shingles 

Foundry Perfection Shingles are big on character, combining the deep, vertical shadow lines of split cedar shakes with the refined look of cedar shingles. With its 7″ profile, Foundry Perfection Shingles are ideal for whole-home applications or adding a touch of rustic beauty to accent locations on your homes.

Can also be ordered in alternative manufacturer color matches; please see the master color match list.

Standard Color Palette

Snow 123

Eggshell 034

Sahara 048

Oatmeal 069

Lite Khaki 095

Shadow 008

Eastern Grey 258

Light Moss 112

Forest Green 152

Oceanside 202

Deep Granite 692

Smoke Grey 528

Cocoa 248

Musket Brown 594

Russet 278

Marine Blue 908

Gray Skies 907

Moonlight 017

Modern Slate 941

Ironstone 672

Weathered Palette

Rustic Cedar 819

Vintage Taupe 830

Harvest Wheat 832

Moon Rock 836

Colonial Grey 837

Rustic Brown 838

Red Cedar 844